Resumes – Strategic Documents

Your resume is a strategic document you send out to the market… Like all effective communication, your resume must suit your audience. Be mindful of your vocabulary. Use the language of the industry you are talking to. Use a format that suits the industry and your position eg resumes of marketing professionals would be in a different format to say, academics.

Your resume should be developed to showcase you as a credible candidate who has the skills and experience to add value to the role in that particular industry. Be consistent in your messaging; your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile should be aligned.

Be sure you have researched the current market and you are clear on what strengths the industry values? Does your Executive Profile clearly show what strengths you bring and how they will add value to an organisation?

Even with the right skills and experience a strong candidate may have aspects of their background they ‘perceive’ may disadvantage them. Remember to accentuate the positive. If you are concerned your years of experience may be seen as aging you, you could consider describing your experience in other terms ie diverse, comprehensive, global etc.

Achievements, not Responsibilities

Decision makers, hiring managers, influencers, potential employers like to know specifically what you achieved. Ensure your resume shows what you achieved in your career in each role. Against each position you have held, include the scope of your role … your responsibilities, and very importantly how effective you were. List your achievements; they are most impressive when they are shown as adding value to the organisation eg reduced, increased, developed, launched etc.

Personal details such as home address, family details, and hobbies are not of particular interest at the outset. Those points could be discussed and the interview process moves forward.

Your resume is designed, like all effective communication, to make a case. In this instance, a strong case for you as being a strong candidate for that particular role! Land that interview, generate that offer!