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Resumes – Strategic Documents

Your resume is a strategic document you send out to the market… Like all effective communication, your resume must suit your audience. Be mindful of your vocabulary. Use the language of the industry you are talking to. Use a format that suits the industry and your position eg resumes of marketing professionals would be in […]

Resumes – Three Styles

There are three most commonly used, yet distinctly different, resume styles… Chronological: this is the traditional format, most commonly used and widely accepted. The Functional resume is designed to highlight areas of functional expertise, and achievements within those areas, in turn this means with less focus on previous employment – and well suited to the candidate […]

Guidelines for developing your resume

As there are no rules set in stone about how to develop a resume, the following resume guidelines will give you some thought-provoking information to help you understand the stages to work through. Big picture …keep your target audience in mind. Your goal is to build a resume that sufficiently showcases your professional value to an […]